Shades Get Your Next Round Started Right

Men Oakley Enduro Fingerprint Sunglasses

Sunny Golfing

Slide on this pair of shades and give other golfers a big surprise! These Oakley Enduro Fingerprint sunglasses sit nicely on the bridge of your nose and give your face a iconic 60’s look. Its lenses send a light-catching, stylish message that’s perfect for wild sunny days on the range.

Get your next round started right with Oakley sunglasses! The dark gray frames and warm gray lenses give you a handsome, dramatic look. Push them up gently onto your face and strike a pose when others are looking your way.

Wear these Oakley sunglasses at your next golfing event. The frames flatter your face so you can tantalize your girlfriend or the beer cart girl. Keep them on once you’re off the course to let others know you only purchase Oakley.

Oakley Enduro Sunglasses

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