Top 5 Unwritten Rules of Golf

The Rules You Should Already Know


Below are the Top 5 Unwritten Rules of Golf.

  1.  Don’t give unsolicited lessons.
    *I know what I’m doing.*
  2. Don’t blame the wind, a bird, a lawn mower or sprinkler three fairways over, or a squirrel for **YOUR** bad shot. *We’re all human, if I didn’t hit bad shots you’d see me on T.V. not in your group.*
  3. Wait for everyone in your group to tee off before you start making your way to your golf ball. *The next time you take off before I tee off, the golf ball my head in your direction. Consider yourself warned.*
  4. Don’t speak to **MY** golf ball. *It has enough trouble listening to me. I’ll tell it what to do.*
  5. Keep the greens clean of your sunflower seeds and cigarette/cigar ashes. *The last thing I want to do is pick up my golf ball that has your saliva all over it.*

Next time you’re on the golf course try and follow these rules. It’ll make for a better round for all parties involved.

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