Do I Love This Product? Insta-Course I Do!

Super Awesome Seeds, Sweet Envelope, Ridiculously Slow 2-4 Week Delivery


I was just like you once. Going to the golf course was a nightmare for me. Whether it was because the course was closed, overrun by mud goblins, or off-limits thanks to my “disorderly conduct” charge, trying to get in a round became more and more frustrating. I won’t even start on the expensive greens fees. By the time I was so broke I had nothing but a barrel and suspenders to wear, I knew I had to make a change. And that change was Insta-Course.

The first change I noticed was the supercharged growing time. The seeds grew right before my eyes! Before I knew it, it was like my backyard had turned into Augusta! Once the course was insta-grown, I discovered that having my own course meant I could play by my own rules. Because Insta-Course brought the golf course to me, I was its supreme dictator. Terms like “proper attire” and “appropriate equipment” lost all meaning. If I want to play a 36 hour round in a toga and spats with clubs made from macaroni and glitter, it was perfectly acceptable. I never felt more liberated.

My newfound joy was apparent even off the course. I started sleeping better. I lost 200 lbs. My hair grew thicker and more manageable, even in places I didn’t know had hair. Everyone at work talks about me. I can finally chase my kids. I also have disturbingly high energy levels. And when that energy keeps me awake for days at a time, I can use it to play golf at all hours. None of this would have been possible without Insta-Course. I can’t thank Divotman and DIVOT Industries enough for bringing their magical seeds into my life.

So why not try Insta-Course yourself? It will be the last instant golf course you’ll ever use!

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