Introducing the Origami Golf Ball

Divot Industries Origami – DIVOT

Origami Golf Ball is proud to introduce its first ever original product, a product which will revolutionize the game of golf.

By implementing state of the art Japanese technology, known as “origami,” has been able to develop a golf ball that will fit practically anywhere.

But while it may take years to master origami, the engineers at have distilled the process of making the origami golf ball into 2 easy steps:

First, grasp the unformed origami golf ball firmly with both hands.

Then, perform the required 8,493 precise folds to form your origami golf ball into a perfectly formed and dimpled golf ball. And while performing that many precise folds sounds difficult, it is actually astoundingly simple.

The special design of the origami golf ball allows the 8,493 folds to be performed in one action. By simply crumpling the paper, it is engineered to direct your movements into 8,493 micro-folds.

This micro-folding technology empowers you to have a golf ball always at the ready, even if you’ve lost your last “traditional” golf ball somewhere on 13. Simply pull out an origami golf ball, place it wherever appropriate on the course, and it’s game on again!

The Origami Golf Ball comes with one Origami Golf Ball and one set of instructions. The normal retail price is $0.99, but order now on to get yours at our insane prices, where you can get golf gear at steep discounts every day of the year!

That’s right! Order now at to get your Origami Golf Ball for just $0.18.

View the instructions or print your own, Click Here to Download.

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