November 2016

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  • Final End Boss Dragon

    Pebble Beach Adds Epic Final End Boss to 18th Hole

    Pebble Beach has added an epic final end boss to its 18th green: a full-grown Red Welsh dragon. Stunningly situated on California’s Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach is known for its treacherous courses even in normal conditions. It’s a huge challenge given the wind, rough, and difficult-to-read greens, not to mention the enormous pot bunkers. “We […]

  • Homebrew Beer

    Snob Brings Homebrewed Beer to the Golf Course

    It’s virtually impossible to invite one man named Neil Dermody to the golf course without him bringing his homebrew. Like the leader of a high school girl clique, Neil can’t play golf until the whole foursome is also drinking his “good” beer. He insists that the beer cart girl won’t have anything that will compare […]

  • Paulina Gretzky

    Paulina Gretzky Throws out Dustin Johnson’s Favorite Polos

    Using a large plastic bag to collect clothing scattered around their bedroom closet, Paulina Gretzky reportedly spent Sunday afternoon throwing out many of her boyfriend’s favorite polo shirts. “These things are just so boring and I’m tired of seeing Dustin wear the same shirts,” said the celebrity model and singer, adding that she found a […]

  • The Haunted 18th Green

    The Bushwood Country Club is a thriving golf course nestled deep in the heartland of Illinois. Gopher trails cut through the course, making upkeep obnoxious for groundskeepers and maintenance crews. The Club gets its name from the oak trees which line edge of the fairways. It was these trees that shade golfers and act as […]

  • Pokemon Go at Golf Course

    Pokémon Go at the Golf Course

    Kids littered the golf course. Everywhere you looked there was a small child racing back and forth with a smart phone in their hand. Once and a while one child would stop and slide a finger on the screen of their phone. A small sound would erupt and cries of joy would ring out over […]

  • Popular

    Female-Only Country Club Bars Men from Membership

    A private men’s-only upscale country club has recently changed to an all-female management team. The new management has changed the name of the club to “Man’s Ruin” and instituted a bar on all males from being admitted as members. According to the local press: After a two-day consultation process, a unanimous decision was reached… The […]

  • How to Wash Your Dirty Golf Balls

    How to Wash Your Dirty Balls

    Playing with your balls can get a little dirty so you’ll need to learn how to clean them the proper way. If you bought expensive balls, like Titleist Pro V1’s, then you need to handle them with TLC. They’re sensitive, soft, and special. Normally you would throw all your dirty balls into a bucket of diluted bleach […]

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    The Beer Cart Girl

    The Beer Cart Girl

    Christy had a soft smile, but thick skin. She dealt with all the ruthless flirting and unwanted come-ons like a pro. With her long blond hair and ruffled skirt, she knew how to manipulate men on the golf course to get their money. She was the beer cart girl. The golf course supplied her with […]

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    Tiger's Worst Drunk Texts

    Tiger’s Worst Drunk Texts

    We all have the tendency to press send more easily as the night wears on. What happens if we were privy to what a drunken Tiger Woods is texting his friends? Here is what we suspect his texts would look like. I wanted people to see all of my trophies. That’s why I contacted MTV […]

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    Golf Tattoo

    Golf Tattoos Last Forever

    Have you ever thought about getting a golf related tattoo? One guy paid $50 for a design which was going to be inked onto his lower back. Thankfully he realized his polo shirt would ride up every time he bent over. He would never again be able to tee up without relentlessly being made fun […]