Love at First Sight

The first time Steve saw the golf club he fell madly in love with it.

My Love Life

Steve had just clicked on a DIVOT deal when this gorgeous golf club presented itself to him. The second his eyes gazed upon its beauty, his stomach started doing flip-flops. After reading the product description, he knew this hottie was The One. He wanted to buy it immediately but he couldn’t be late for work. Mortified, he closed the browser and set off to the office.

All morning he thought about the Big T Blade and how it would make him feel to add it to his golf bag. He already had an extensive collection but was quite unhappy with his current putter. Surely this was the answer to his disappointing handicap score. Its alignment system was nothing he had ever seen before. To outsiders, he had every golf club a man could ever want or need. But now he wanted more.

By now Steve’s face was aflame, his hands were trembling. Tears slipped down his face. With a long sigh, he emailed his boss a short explanation of why he must return home for the day. He felt sick to his stomach and could not bear to stare at his spreadsheet any longer.

Rather than play it cool, he decided to purchase the Big T Blade the moment he returned home. This golf club was the love of his life. Steve knew that if were not for DIVOT then he would he would not have found such a great prize. He did not know what had transpired – he only knew this was the beginning of a crazy love story.

To Be Continued…

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