Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands

The perfect grip is very, very, very important for maximum playability

Donald Trump

If your hands are exceptionally tiny, then you need to have the right equipment to properly hit the ball. That’s why we’re recommending smaller grips for the Donald.

Playing with the appropriately sized grip is YUGELY important. If the grip is too big, then the accuracy of Donald’s shots will suffer. The Donald will find himself rolling around in the rough or worse, stuck in the sand or water.

We don’t think Trump tolerates hazards so going with an undersized grip is the best option. With the correct grip, his short stubby fingers should just miss touching the base of his hands. He may make a tremendous argument for a larger grip. But going big isn’t advisable just because he has a larger-than-life personality. He needs to reign in his ego and choose what will work for his dexterity.

Undersized Grip

Because of his tiny hands, the perfect grip is the New Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersize Grip. It’s meant for the ladies but works for macho men like Trump too. Just look at it this way: Instead of grabbing actual women, Trump can grab a ladies accessory and avoid any future lawsuits. Besides, the grip has the kind of non-slip surface that’s ideal for Trump’s gripping conditions.

Donald Trump

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