Golf Tattoos Last Forever

You know you’ve always wanted that tramp stamp

Have you ever thought about getting a golf related tattoo? One guy paid $50 for a design which was going to be inked onto his lower back. Thankfully he realized his polo shirt would ride up every time he bent over. He would never again be able to tee up without relentlessly being made fun of.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. You wanted to get that bad ass golf tattoo but backed out at the last second. Maybe you’re reading this right now and are feeling inspired to go out and get one wrapped around your entire torso.

Whatever your circumstances, it’s safe to say that we don’t judge you if you decide to get an arm piece of a WAG on your bicep. There are some pretty ladies out there who deserve forever time on your skin.

We’ve collected some of the most interesting golf tattoos on the internet. You can judge their quality for yourself.

Disclaimer: We aren’t saying these tattoos are bad, but we aren’t saying they’re good either. They’re special just like the person who got them.

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