The Beer Cart Girl

She’s here to serve you refreshing beverages…

The Beer Cart Girl

Christy had a soft smile, but thick skin. She dealt with all the ruthless flirting and unwanted come-ons like a pro. With her long blond hair and ruffled skirt, she knew how to manipulate men on the golf course to get their money. She was the beer cart girl.

The golf course supplied her with cases of Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Corona, Pabst Blue Ribbon and a margarita machine. Coffee was also another drink she sold but she didn’t care for it. A hot beverage meant it was cold outside and she’d have to wear a jacket. Jackets covered up too much so she made very little. The hotter it was outside, the better. Today the temperature was a warm 74 degrees – perfect weather for wearing tight polo shirts and short skirts.

After loading up the beer, Christy sputtered off in her gas-powered golf cart backward on the course. She came upon her first customers almost immediately.

“Hey, over here!” one middle-aged man called from his foursome. Christy pulled her cart next to them and jumped in, “Hi, boys! Can I get you guys something to drink?”

The men ordered, and Christy rounded up the beers. She asked how their round was going while flaunting her skimpy outfit. The trick worked and they tipped her well. Soon she was back in the cart looking for her next victim.

Christy parked the golf cart under a tree and peered through the branches at a tee box 200 yards away. She waited, listening for the tee balls. Soon a man waved at her. It was so hard to tell if he wanted her to come over or not. Being the beer cart girl was a psychology game, figuring out what the golfer wants. She couldn’t tell this time but decided to head over there anyway. She floored it.

And so her day went, moving around the golf course handing out beers to men who leered at her. She endured the shockingly crude remarks with a smile on her face. Every single day golfers said things to her that would get them fired in a professional setting. But she endured it nonetheless.


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