Female-Only Country Club Bars Men from Membership

Feminism is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Men

Women Only

A private men’s-only upscale country club has recently changed to an all-female management team. The new management has changed the name of the club to “Man’s Ruin” and instituted a bar on all males from being admitted as members.

According to the local press:

After a two-day consultation process, a unanimous decision was reached… The country club management team cited concerns about men’s wimpy pace of play and lack of respect for women among the “risks” of admitting male members.

Mistress Riggamorta, President of Man’s Ruin, announced on the country club’s Facebook page that the decision is largely a reaction to Muirfield. Men will only be allowed on the grounds as minimum wage caddies and waitstaff to female members.

Muirfield is a privately owned links home to The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in East Lothian, Scotland. In May 2016, Muirfield announced it would not admit ladies because females would “endanger our foursomes and speedy play.”

Man’s Ruin Country Club is the first all-female country club located in Los Angeles. The city is known for its female empowerment support groups and growing population of female golf enthusiasts.

The club has even created on-site services that cater to women specifically. Inside the clubhouse, there will be a retail shop that sells ladies-only apparel. Among the clothing will be cute dresses, skirts, and stiletto heels.

The links will continue to be a full 18-hole course. Women who finish with a score of 81 or better get a free pedicure and a Man’s Ruin branded polo shirt. The pedicures are given in what was the men’s-only bar.

“Femininity is the highest and ultimate authority, to which obedience and veneration are owed as a matter of natural law,” Mistress Riggamorta said in a statement to the press. “We’re sure men in the Los Angeles area will accept our superiority without hesitation.”

Are you a man who thinks you have what it takes to be terribly bad? Man’s Ruin is now accepting applications for employment. Send your resume and cover letter to mistressriggamorta@gmail.com.

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