The Haunted 18th Green

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


The Bushwood Country Club is a thriving golf course nestled deep in the heartland of Illinois. Gopher trails cut through the course, making upkeep obnoxious for groundskeepers and maintenance crews. The Club gets its name from the oak trees which line edge of the fairways. It was these trees that shade golfers and act as lightning rods during severe thunderstorms. But the trees didn’t shield one man when he was putting on the 18th green.

The 18th green is reported to be haunted. Golfers who venture there experience a sense of dread and anxiety. That’s because 30 years ago a priest was killed by lightning when he was putting for birdie. There is an unsettling feeling about the 18th green. This area of the course has been called the Twilight Zone.

Perhaps it’s something about this feeling that keeps all the annoying rodents on the golf course safe. After the priest was struck dead, a mass extermination effort to kill the gopher population failed. The tactic involved several large explosions which led to the destruction of the beautiful fairways. To this day, the gopher population is out of control and efforts to decrease its size have been futile.

In the past year, the Bushwood clubhouse has been renovated. The clubhouse was rebuilt with 30 rooms and a dining room that can seat 250. Its beautiful interior hosts wedding, parties, and black tie affairs. But the festivities haven’t kept a spirit from haunting the interiors.

The strongest presence of the spirit seems to manifest itself in the history museum. There, enclosed in glass, is the exact golf club the priest used on the night he was killed. Many people have reported seeing a strange, glowing blue mist near the case. Roughly the size of a human being, this glowing mist is said to be attempting to open the case and remove the club. It must be the priest trying to sink his last putt.

Whatever is lurking around Bushwood Country Club, it seems to be having an effect on all the people who play and work there. Bushwood Country Club has a reputation for gopher infestations and a high turnover rate. Employees who work at the golf course exhibit a variety of eccentric and even psychotic behavior. Even the Better Business Bureau has been alerted to the strange activity and is always on the lookout for signs of someone “Going Postal.”



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