Paulina Gretzky Throws out Dustin Johnson’s Favorite Polos

Paulina thinks a style makeover is overdue

Paulina Gretzky

Using a large plastic bag to collect clothing scattered around their bedroom closet, Paulina Gretzky reportedly spent Sunday afternoon throwing out many of her boyfriend’s favorite polo shirts. “These things are just so boring and I’m tired of seeing Dustin wear the same shirts,” said the celebrity model and singer, adding that she found a rumpled pile of her fiancé’s custom adidas polos lying in the corner. “I know he’s required to wear adidas because it’s a part of his endorsement deal, but his look isn’t hot like Rickie Fowler. If I get rid of his old shirts then he can go to adidas and get something more colorful. I’ll just drop these off at Goodwill or something.” When Dustin Johnson returned home, he was frantically rummaging around the closet and demanding to know what happened to his favorite blue short-sleeve polo shirt.

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