Snob Brings Homebrewed Beer to the Golf Course

Hardcore Beer Geek Ruins Casual Game

Homebrew Beer

It’s virtually impossible to invite one man named Neil Dermody to the golf course without him bringing his homebrew. Like the leader of a high school girl clique, Neil can’t play golf until the whole foursome is also drinking his “good” beer. He insists that the beer cart girl won’t have anything that will compare to his quadruple hop concoction.

Neil is devoted to homebrewing based on complexity. His batches involve multiple ingredients. The recipe design involves 5 specialty malts, four hop additions, water additions and a bunch of other stuff no one can remember. His friends claim the results were less than stellar – absolutely mediocre beer.

“Everybody thinks simplified homebrewing is the answer,” Neil said while sipping his drink from a recycled brown beer bottle. “Using multiple ingredients is expensive but the recipe should be as special as possible. What’s the point of homebrew unless you’ve crafted it beyond the single hop addition?”

All of Neil’s friends feel the pressure to drink his beer despite its terrible taste. “I would much rather be drinking a Coors Light than this shit,” one friend sighed while staring off into the distance. “Nothing is good about his homebrew. But at least it still gets me drunk.”

Neil also invested in a premium YETI cooler to carry his homebrew from hole to hole. So far, nobody has complained about using a higher end cooler.

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