Pebble Beach Adds Epic Final End Boss to 18th Hole

Play the fabled course and treat yourself to the perfect vacation

Final End Boss Dragon

Pebble Beach has added an epic final end boss to its 18th green: a full-grown Red Welsh dragon. Stunningly situated on California’s Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach is known for its treacherous courses even in normal conditions. It’s a huge challenge given the wind, rough, and difficult-to-read greens, not to mention the enormous pot bunkers.

“We wanted to give golfers an extra challenge,” said Cody Plott, President and CEO of Pebble Beach Company. “Right when they think their game is almost over, suddenly they are faced with 30-foot fire-breathing dragon. The enormous bulk of the creature is breathtaking. We call him Neltharion the Green-Warder.”

There are several ways to defeat Neltharion and sink your last putt, should you accept the challenge.

Our best dragon-slaying tip is to play with the shiniest putter you own. Although you likely selected it for vain reasons, your shiny putter can be a deciding factor to victory. When the brightness of the sun reflects off the club, it will surprise and dazzle the beast. Take advantage of its blindness and slay the dragon with your lance.

Our second dragon-slaying tip is to use the clever plot of poison. Combine old golf balls, tees, and the rubber from cart tires together to create a nasty “cake.” Neltharion is a golf course dragon so he will immediately devour it. If you’re lucky, a tee will puncture his throat or stomach. Rush forward with your lance while you have your chance.

Due to the enormous cost of feeding the animal, Pebble Beach has increased its green fee to $1,000. Truly an incredible experience, golfers will surely ignore the exorbitant fee to play golf and fight the dragon.

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