December 2016

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  • Apologies For Our Chesson Hadley Article

    We would like to apologize for offensive language that was included in a post about Chesson Hadley. We accept full responsibility for the mistake and I assure you it won’t happen again in the future. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. As you know, is always trying to push boundaries in […]

  • Lydia Ko’s Overprotective Father Tells Daughter To Fire Caddie

    Saying it’s important for parents to be actively involved in their children’s lives, Lydia Ko’s father told reporters he believes in taking a hands-on approach and interfering with his daughter’s professional career. “It’s natural to want to help your kids as much as you can, and I have done everything to create hang-ups, issues, and […]

  • Hordes of Geese Die on Golf Course

    One Saturday morning, just at sunrise, people who live on the edge of a local golf course were loudly reminded of the extermination efforts to obliterate an entire flock of Canadian geese. Shotgun blasts shattered the dawn silence and swiftly following was the roar of hundreds of startled geese taking wing. Left behind on the […]

  • Golf’s Latest Newest Mega-Meal: The Spicy Sriracha Hot Dog

    A local golf course is heating up the holiday season by offering a new product with a spicy sauce – the Spicy Sriracha Hot Dog. Restaurants around the United States are jumping in on the Sriracha bandwagon since Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer their own Sriracha burgers and sandwiches. The meal is a 12-inch hot dog […]

  • Golfer Emotional Over Perfectly Packed YETI Cooler

    Glowing with pride after sliding the last beer into place, golf enthusiast Sean Messenger became emotionally “torn up” at the sight of his perfectly packed YETI cooler. “All of the beer is stacked horizontally, on the bottom of the cooler. There’s just enough room for ice to flow between the cans. And I sprinkled salt […]

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    Beer Cart Girl

    The Beer Cart Girl Part II

    Mike had been training hard three nights a week at Applebee’s, trying out some of his new material on the waitresses. The girls seemed to respond well to his pickup lines, and he was certain it would work on Christy the beer cart girl. As a business executive, it was his job to get others […]

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    Golfers Use Viagra to Hit Longer Drives

    International golf’s antidoping watchdog laid out mountainous evidence that for months senior golfers have been taking Sildenafil, otherwise known as Viagra, on the PGA Champions Tour. The findings intensified pressure on the PGA to reassess their drug testing standards and penalize golfers who take performance enhancing drugs. The evidence, published by the Golf Anti-Doping Agency, […]

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    Rickie Fowler Leaves The Golf Boys and Moves to the Boy Band SB2K

    The four-member boy band The Golf Boys officially broke up today, four years after it was formed by entertainment division of Farmers Insurance Group. Their official contract with Farmers Insurance Group, one of the nation’s top entertainment insurers, expired in January earlier this year. According to the financial services company, Rickie Fowler left the group […]

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    Rio Olympic Golf Course

    Rio Olympic Golf Course Will Turn Into Monster Truck Rally

    Monster trucks will now roll on the Rio Olympic golf course instead of featuring golf tournaments like originally planned. Just four months after the Olympics, the golf course was unmaintained and without a furnished clubhouse. On top of that, very few Brazilians play the game. The future of the golf course was up in the […]