Man Hits Golf Ball into the Dark Forest

Survivor Organizing Search Party to Reclaim His Prized Possession

Man Hits Golf Ball into the Dark Forest

A mechanic named Bart was playing a simple game of golf with his foursome on a warm Saturday afternoon, until he sliced his golf ball straight into the Dark Forest. Little did he know that his journey into the woods would take him to the heart of darkness.

“I had to venture into the Dark Forest to retrieve my One Ball,” Bart whimpered, clearly shaken from his experience. “Very few people come back alive but this ball is very special to me. It was personalized and holds great power. In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction to the Golf Course.”

The woods have a sinister reputation and is home to many deadly and magical creatures. A dark magic seems to lie over the forest, causing people to lose their way or experience feelings of worthlessness, such as increasing handicap scores. Bart stated that the Forest “plays on your worst fears,” which also implies that the Forest may have a degree of sentience.

Creatures that dwell in the Dark Forest include rabid squirrels, aggressive deer, and hungry wolves, with some creatures more dangerous than others. There are a few ordinary creatures living there, such as an old man, who has camped in the Forest for many years.

Bart recounts the meeting:

“I met him at the edge of a stream when I was quenching my thirst. He took me to his cottage made entirely of lost golf balls. To my relief, he had not found the One Ball yet. But he swore he would return it if it was found.”

The two broke bread, drank beer, and then parted ways. However, it wasn’t long before Bart encountered trouble again. He tripped over a special kind of fungi growing in the Forest, which, when disturbed, releases poisonous black spores that cause hallucinations.

“I thought I was being beaten with golf clubs over the head,” Bart moaned. “It wasn’t real at all. But I thought I was being clubbed to death.”

Despite the nightmare, Bart was able to run out of the Forest to safety. Eventually the hallucination subsided and he was able to return home. As for the One Ball, Bart is organizing a search party to return to the Dark Forest before it is too late.

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