Wizard Won’t Let Party Pass

Senile Old Man Believes He Has Legendary Magical Powers

Gandalf the Grey

A slow moving group containing one grizzled old man declared that the party behind them cannot pass. Composed of the oldest senior citizens in town, the group refused to speed up or let trailing groups play through. Instead, people had to wait for hours before moving onto the next hole.

“I came here to have fun and now I’m stuck behind these old geezers!” one golfer complained. “What’s worse is that there’s a grandpa who thinks he’s a Gandalf the Grey. He’s been yelling Lord of the Ring quotes at us all morning.”

When the old man was questioned, he admitted to waiving his golf clubs in the air for dramatic effect. In one instance, he drove one of his clubs into the ground and yelled:

“You – shall not – pass!”

The golf club is considering an age limit to reduce the number of older, slower players on the golf course after the incident.

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