Golf Club Violence Awareness Week

If we take a stand and work together, we can end golf club violence

Golf Club Violence Awareness

Whether you’ve experienced it or not, golf club violence is right here in the community. The folks at DIVOT are well aware that someone in your family, your neighborhood or your church has been a victim golf club violence.

This December 5th, during Golf Club Violence Awareness Week, DIVOT will focus on bringing awareness to the fight against golf club violence at golf courses and throughout the community.

To highlight Golf Club Violence Awareness Week, employees representing the company will be wearing red shirts, sharing their stories on DIVOT, and setting up hot new deals on discount golf equipment and apparel to support its December campaign to raise profits.

In addition, DIVOT fans can take a break from online shopping and read posts about the effects of golf club violence. Each seminar will help golfers understand the proper use of a golf club and how to treat serious wounds. Posts will also focus on the rules and etiquette for the game and when golf clubs can be used for self-defense – not as offensive weapons.

You can help us by posting a picture of a newly purchased golf club on social media with the hashtag “#NoMoreClubViolence”.

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