Golf Club Violence Prevention: Golf Course Etiquette

How to Prevent Golf Club Violence from Happening

Golf Club Violence Prevention

Here are 5 easy rules to follow if you’re a new player. Newbies tend to not know the etiquette of the game. Conducting yourself like a gentleman will prevent most forms of golf club violence.

Let faster groups play through.

Not following this rule is the biggest reason why club violence occurs on the golf course. Holding people up means you’re messing up someone else’s enjoyment of the game. Admit that you’re slow and let others play through.

Know when to keep quiet.

You should turn off your cell phone when playing golf. Save your business conversations for the office. People also debate on whether or not portable Bluetooth speakers should be allowed on the course. If your buddies want music, keep it low so as not to disturb other parties.

Remain calm.

Just because you’ve seen a pro throw his club up in the air doesn’t mean you should too. Any kind of childish temperamental behavior is not acceptable; club throwing, slamming the ground, excessive swearing, blaming, and shutting down. Breathe and move on.

Drink in moderation.

Alcohol is usually present in instances of golf club violence brawls. Most people expect to drink and play golf at the same time. Instead of getting drunk before the front nine is even done, just have a couple of beers. Also, be ready to hit when it’s your turn.

Keep the green clean.

Respect the green by fixing your ball marks and knocking sand off your shoes after coming out of a green side bunker. Also, don’t spit sunflower seeds or chewing tobacco on the green. Unwanted refuse in this area also includes cigarette ash. Everyone’s ball has to roll there.

If you accidentally hit your golf ball into a slow party then get away fast. Choose a safe route for walking on the golf course, and know good places to seek help, e.g. the clubhouse. Trust your feelings, and if there’s a sense of danger, get away fast. Be willing to call the police if needed.

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