Justin Rose Pulls out of Hero World Challenge to Throw Giant Party

Tour Pro Plays Hooky and Parties in the Bahamas Instead

Justin Rose Party

He’s the most spoiled 36-year-old man ever.

Justin Rose can add party planner to his CV after throwing an extravagant party in his multi-million dollar mansion located in the Bahamas. The party happened to coincide with the Hero World Challenge in Albany. Did Rose ditch playing in a golf tournament for a bit of fun in the sun?

Reportedly, most of the Rose family was there, at least based on Justin’s Snapchats from the event. He even made the extra effort to invite a few celebrities like rapper Wiley, model Kelly Brook, and actress Emilia Clarke.

Justin’s daughter looked like she was having the time of her life. She tried swinging one of her father’s clubs for the very first time and almost hit a decorative ice sculpture nearby. It wasn’t until a drunk Wiley knocked over the ice sculpture that the kids were sent to the neighbor’s house. Justin’s wife reportedly said, “What happens at the Roses’ home stays at Roses’ home.”

Other festivities we learned about were Justin blowing out a five-tiered cake, a new Rolex watch unveiling, and a DJ playing electronic dance music. The 200 participants also received glow sticks and waved them around in the air while sipping champagne. The late evening featured dancers with spaghetti strap tops and fuzzy boots. It definitely wasn’t a family event after the sun went down.

No budget was set. The party planner was told to do whatever it took to make the event amazing. We estimate the extravaganza cost between $10,000 to $12,000.

Should Justin be let off the hook for missing the Hero World Challenge? We’ll let you decide.

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