Rio Olympic Golf Course Will Turn Into Monster Truck Rally

Monster trucks are expected to generate more revenue than golf

Rio Olympic Golf Course

Monster trucks will now roll on the Rio Olympic golf course instead of featuring golf tournaments like originally planned.

Just four months after the Olympics, the golf course was unmaintained and without a furnished clubhouse. On top of that, very few Brazilians play the game. The future of the golf course was up in the air.

Officials have now found a solution rather than paying the $80,000 monthly fee for upkeep. The answer: Turn the golf course into a monster truck rally space.

“We’re extremely excited to announce we found an alternative to maintaining an expensive golf course,” said Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes. “We didn’t know what to do until we were approached by the Monster Truck Insanity Tour. They saw the land as the perfect place for mud bogging and truck pulling.”

The mayor says they are already planning an upcoming monster rally event.

“We’re aiming for an action-packed two-hour show. There will be loud music and flashy pyrotechnics. The trucks will do jumps, wheelies, and donuts. There will even be an opportunity for people to pay an extra $10 to ride in a monster truck that can fit 20 people.”

Monster truck rallies originated in the U.S. where heavily modified pickup trucks are popular. The vehicles are just pickup trucks that have been outfitted with a larger suspension and larger tires. A show usually involves racing in a 2v2 competition and then a segment where trucks perform numerous stunts.

Usually, the ground must be prepared in advance for a monster truck rally. This work won’t be necessary for the event. Paes explains:

“A part of the show will be the monster trucks tearing up the golf course. We want them to destroy everything – the greens, the fairways, the bunkers. There won’t be anything quite like giant trucks tearing up a multi-million-dollar Gil Hanse designed golf course.”

Thousands of spectators are expected to turn out for the monster truck rally. While monster truck rallies aren’t known in Brazil, the event will likely generate more interest than golf ever did.

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