Rickie Fowler Leaves The Golf Boys and Moves to the Boy Band SB2K

SB2K Releasing New Album This Year after Spring Break Party

The four-member boy band The Golf Boys officially broke up today, four years after it was formed by entertainment division of Farmers Insurance Group.

Their official contract with Farmers Insurance Group, one of the nation’s top entertainment insurers, expired in January earlier this year.

According to the financial services company, Rickie Fowler left the group to start his own boy band. The three remaining members – rapper Bubba Watson, and vocalists Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan – agreed to disband. Rickie is about to release an album with his new group SB2K. Besides Rickie, the pop sensation consists of Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Smylie Kaufman.

Rickie was considering bringing along Bubba Watson with him, but the two had creative differences. In their last video, “2.Oh,” Bubba was uncomfortable showing his nipples off on camera. Rickie insisted that they take off their shirts to appeal to young women. This decision created an internal conflict with Bubba due to his Christian background.

Gary Player was another golfer who wanted to join forces with Rickie, but was ultimately denied due to his age. Rickie wanted to be a part of a younger, hipper group – not party with an aging retiree.

Jason Dufner was also looking to join a boy band after his divorce from his wife Amanda. He ultimately wasn’t cool enough to ride with Rickie either.

Rickie even considered Adam Scott, but felt like he was “too pretty.” Rickie wants to be the heart throb of the group so he eliminated the possibility of having any competition.

So far, SB2K has been spotted partying in the Bahamas earlier this year for Spring Break. During the summer they took time in-between their busy playing schedules to record their new album and release the tracklist over social media. Here are the song titles on the album:

  1. All the Birdies in the World
  2. Backswing’s Back, Alright
  3. Just Give Me One Shot
  4. Tearing up the Green
  5. 24 Feet of Putting
  6. Moves Like Tiger
  7. Love in this Country Club
  8. Oops! I Eagled Again
  9. Balls, Balls, Balls

We have yet to hear which song will be the leading track on the album and if SB2K will be making a music video in the future.

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