Golfer Emotional Over Perfectly Packed YETI Cooler

Insulated Container Keeps Your Drinks Cold As Balls

Glowing with pride after sliding the last beer into place, golf enthusiast Sean Messenger became emotionally “torn up” at the sight of his perfectly packed YETI cooler. “All of the beer is stacked horizontally, on the bottom of the cooler. There’s just enough room for ice to flow between the cans. And I sprinkled salt rock on top to lower the freezing point of the ice,” said the tearful golfer, who reportedly had been crying earlier when each can fit snugly into the Permafrost Insulated container. “I just know my party is going to enjoy an ice cold beer anywhere they want on the golf course. They won’t even know it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon.” When it came time to golf, Sean reported the No Sweat design prevented him from carrying a wet cooler. Fortunately, it didn’t look like he peed himself.

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