Golf’s Latest Newest Mega-Meal: The Spicy Sriracha Hot Dog

The Most Insane Hot Dog You’ll Ever Eat Before Your Round

A local golf course is heating up the holiday season by offering a new product with a spicy sauce – the Spicy Sriracha Hot Dog. Restaurants around the United States are jumping in on the Sriracha bandwagon since Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer their own Sriracha burgers and sandwiches. The meal is a 12-inch hot dog with a Sriracha-infused bun, topped with Sriracha ketchup and Sriracha cheddar cheese. “Sriracha has an extreme cult following and we wanted to capitalize on this craze like everyone else,” a spokesperson for the golf club said. “That’s why we have put as much Sriracha into it as we can. We couldn’t infuse it into every single ingredient but we did our best.” The golf club has also upgraded the toilet pressure in the clubhouse in anticipation of the increased use of the facilities.

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