Hordes of Geese Die on Golf Course

Hunters Win Praise for Killing the Wretched Birds

One Saturday morning, just at sunrise, people who live on the edge of a local golf course were loudly reminded of the extermination efforts to obliterate an entire flock of Canadian geese. Shotgun blasts shattered the dawn silence and swiftly following was the roar of hundreds of startled geese taking wing. Left behind on the fairway were fatally wounded birds. One duck was maimed in the massacre and it struggled to take flight despite its internal bleeding. All efforts to escape proved futile against the inevitable arrival of the retriever. Hunters quickly swooped in after the noisy, gruesome killing to break the necks of the surviving geese. Some early morning spectators pleasurably watched the massacre from a respectable distance. Several people even gave a few polite golf claps in support. This rampant plunder of birds was a part of a coordinated effort to exterminate geese migrating south from Canada to the southwestern United States. Sometimes the golf course was so crowded with the birds that the neighbors complained the collective din of flapping wings and honking kept them up at night. While hundreds of geese escaped that day, quite a few were shot on the spot. The goose bodies were harvested for feathers and meat. And if the cyclones of geese descend over the golf course again, the hunters will be sure to blast their heads off.

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