Lydia Ko’s Overprotective Father Tells Daughter To Fire Caddie

A Professional Career Isn’t Something A Woman Can Do On Her Own

Saying it’s important for parents to be actively involved in their children’s lives, Lydia Ko’s father told reporters he believes in taking a hands-on approach and interfering with his daughter’s professional career. “It’s natural to want to help your kids as much as you can, and I have done everything to create hang-ups, issues, and complexes,” he said, explaining that Lydia is not emotionally mature enough to make her own decisions. “I’m going to hover over Lydia all the time to make sure she is winning tournaments every week, no matter what the cost. She needs someone to dress her, cut the crusts off her sandwiches, and scrutinize her every move. After all, I won’t be around to correct her mistakes forever.” Lydia’s father later admitted that he told his daughter to fire her caddie Jason Hamilton after the two exchanged a platonic hug.

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