Tiger Woods Takes Picture Of Golf Club With Hideously-Unpleasant Instagram Filter

The Popular Golfer Proves It Doesn’t Really Matter What You Post To Social Media

Tiger Woods announced this week that he will focus less on his performance and will now concentrate on improving his Instagram account. We’ve pretty much known for years that Tiger has been doing everything he can to get his game back. But why he would produce a photo that’s ugly as hell is beyond belief. The look of his latest Instagram photo is hopelessly generic and there isn’t a single memorable or remotely interesting thing going on in it. The ultra-saturated picture evokes nothing so much as an attention-grabbing teenage girl selfie. And it looks like a horrible Photoshop job, only somehow more boring. It’s pretty obvious this latest move is a bomb and it shows every sign of having been created in the vain hope that people will pay attention to a completely washed up has-been. We wish we could muster some righteous anger over the subject matter of the photo but what can you say about a M1? The plain fact is Tiger’s Instagram feed is disposable… which maybe makes it the perfect piece of crap to the end of an already dismal 2016. Don’t you dare like it.

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